Press a button. Set the scene. Set a mood.

We all know that great lighting makes a great space. We love lights, come and see for yourself in our showroom. 

The more lights we have though, means we need easy ways to control them. Controlled lighting systems allow us to set scenes, turn multiple circuits on with one button, tell 'Alexa' to dim the lights and control the lights from our phone when we are out of the house.

It's convenient, it's practical, it's cool and means we have great looking keypads doing the job of 5 old school light switches.

Sound & Vision

Music makes you feel good, so we think you should have it everywhere.

A well designed multi room audio system has little aesthetic impact or in-fact no visual impact at all with plaster over invisible speakers (and yes, they do sound great). It's all about the planning, here at Tateside we work with interior designers and architects to achieve the best possible solutions. 

We know you hate cables, especially the tangled variety. Centralised video distribution and our fetish for neat cabling ensures that there is zero clutter in TV locations with simple control of the whole system via a universal remote control or touchscreen.


Networks & Smart Homes

From new or additional data cables around the home, full home robust WiFi coverage and home offices we are here to help get all of your devices online.

What is the internet of things (IoT)?

IoT is a collection of connected devices and services on a network that work together to do “very cool stuff”.

To name a few IoT devices:

Alexa (Amazon), Nest (SmartThermostat), Ring (Smartdoorbell), Smart TV's, Smart sensors, Sonos, the list goes on...


CCTV & Security

Ensuring your home is secure is essential for peace of mind. We design and install home security systems that enable you to monitor your home, all through a convenient app on your portable device. A mix of CCTV cameras, alarms and automated door/gate entry can be designed to cover every aspect of your home.


Home Cinema

Is there anything better than enjoying a movie in a cinema?

Yes there is, having the experience everyday within the comfort of your own home.

From 1080P to 4k, Dolby Atmos, lampless projectors and acoustically transparent screens, we can design a room to fulfil your needs or budget